Client Testimonials | Attendant Care Autism Services

What our clients say

Periodically, we survey our clients to ensure that we are making the significant impact in our clients’ lives that we were hired to do. Here are the answers from some of our clients. 

“Language, eye contact and social interaction have all been target areas. Our son had made huge growth in all these areas since we started last year.”

“My son has improved his attention span, eye contact, skill level, sleep habits, eating more food (picky eater) and overall improving his comprehension.”

“Just some examples of improvement…greeting people and potty training have both improved.”

“My child is learning how to properly greet people and maintain good personal space.”

“He is exhibiting more confidence in reciprocal communication, consistency in doing assigned tasks (life skills; brushing teeth).”

“He is showing his personality more. His speech has improved and his overall behavior has improved.”

“I am so happy to have a place that yields results. My son loves going to the clinic. All staff are so patient, caring and understanding. I am very appreciative for all that they do for us.”

“I’m very happy with all services and everyone is very friendly.”

“I have not come in contact with anyone I dislike. I think Kayla, Shelby, Nikki, and the other techs are remarkable. I appreciate each and everyone of them in a unique way-however I think Lindsey is exceptional. There is an “it” factory that Lindsey has, that is second to none. She is terrific with my son, checks in daily to see how I am doing (above and beyond) and pre-Covid, often checked in with my daughter at drop off and pick up. I really think you have an amazing staff and I never mind “substitute” technicians because the entire team is great.”

“Caring and knowledgeable staff. My son enjoys his time here.”

“My child loves going to the Fort Gratiot center and he really enjoys his time with James! James is just amazing and patient with him!”

Everyone that has been working with us has been great! Words can’t even describe how impressed and happy I am with the services.”