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Attendant Care Autism Services was born out of the combination of our parent company’s principles, and the lack of services available to people in Chesterfield Michigan. After learning about Applied Behavior Analysis agencies who have extremely long waitlists for services, we decided that there needs to be a better option for families that need Autism Services in Chesterfield Michigan. After researching the availability of services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we found that the Eastern shores of Michigan were vastly undeserved. Our services in Chesterfield, MI are perfectly positioned to serve a vast ASD community.

In 2003, our parent company, Attendant Care Companies of Michigan, was started when our President, Paul Semian, experienced the tragedy of his mother being diagnosed with cancer which required home healthcare services. Paul found that the quality of service his mother received was entirely unacceptable and he was driven to ensure that Michigan residents had a better option for care. Attendant Care Services was built on the principles of dependability, commitment, and reliability. These principles show throughout the entire organization, starting with Paul and running right through every single employee.

Having been built by a company that understands how to treat people properly gives us the opportunity to provide the absolute best treatment to our clients. The attitude of our company shines through in every interaction with our staff. From the very first person you speak with, you will notice a difference from other companies. Our technicians take the time to make a real connection with our patients so that they can provide the individualized service that each person deserves.

Our mission is to provide personalized care and life enrichment through compassion while maintaining a positive and safe therapeutic family environment. Through this mission, we are able to create an environment where ABA helps a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder excel in life. Having the opportunity to provide services to a population that has been vastly underserved for so long is what drives us to get out of bed in the morning.

Attendant Care Autism Services in Chesterfield was founded on the principles of Interdisciplinary Treatment, which means multiple types of therapy are provided in a coordinated manner. When a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder comes to one of our Autism Centers, or receives our treatment in-home, we make sure that their treatment is designed to help them have the best possible outcome to improve their daily life.